from a jeweler’s perspective

One of Todd’s latest cuff designs is unlike anything that we have ever seen come out of our shop. This stunning palladium cuff features an assortment of pink spinel gemstones and white brilliant diamonds that sparkle ever so brightly.


Ashley was our jeweler for this piece, and she had worked a over 120 hours to complete this one-of-a-kind bracelet. ¬†Here’s the initial sketch of the cuff:


photo (40)

Ashley was kind enough to sit down with me and tell me about overall process of this piece. Here’s what she had to say:

“Something that sets this cuff aside from our typical cuffs is that it is so large, and it’s made out of palladium. Our standard cuffs are usually silver or gold, which take heat much more ably than palladium. ¬†Palladium has a tendency to be brittle and sometimes crack, making it more challenging to manipulate.”


“Utilizing those pink stones was also a challenge because of their different contours.”

gem layout



“When adding the white brilliant diamonds, I usually plot out the larger stones first and then go through with a cascade of smaller stones to give it the ‘bubbly’ effect.”






Overall, Ashley thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece. “It was fun!” she said, after recalling the process.

And we’re certainly glad that it was fun for her to make because it sure is fun to look at!

If you are interested in learning more about it or trying it on, please email us at






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  1. Ludmila Buga

    Iam interested much more , and would like to know more about this technique and using palladium


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